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Among caves, tiny streets and green hills, there lies a town with a rich history, in the land of sheeptracks and olive trees.

The town of Zungoli, whose territory was inhabited already in very ancient times, developed around a fortress which was named Castrum Curuli. The suggestive old town centre is crossed by cobble paved tiny streets which climb up along the ridge of the hill and it has preserved its original pattern which was created around the majestic Norman-Swabian Susanna Castle. Among civil buildings, you should not miss the imposing Caputi Palace, the Januzzi Palace and the Annichiarico- Petruzzelli Palace. Zungoli is characterized by the high density of religious buildings, including the Santa Maria dell’Assunta Collagiate Mother Church, which dates back at least to 1417. However, the most meaningful religious building in this town is the San Francesco Convent, which, according to tradition, was established by the Saint himself. The current building, which dates back to 1591, still includes the amazing cloister. The annexed church has a precious wooden choir full of walnut sculptures, carved by friars in the XVIII century. The painting of Saint Francis in ecstasy, attributed to Titian, has an extreme value and it is priceless. The San Nicola Church and the San Giuseppe Chapel are also noteworthy. Outside town, you can still see today the path of the so called Pescasseroli-Candela Royal Sheep-Track (Regio Tratturo Pescasseroli-Candela), an ancient transhumance path. Finally, under the old town centre, there are the tuff caves used for seasoning typical products, such as the Caciocavallo cheese and the Caciomolara cheese, typical types of cheese made in Irpinia, with their typical bell-shape. Zungoli is also a land of oil: here you can see the precious cultivar Ravece, with which the extra-virgin olive oil “Irpinia Colline dell’Ufita DOP” is produced.





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