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A land of genuine tastes, such as bread, of faith and of ancient traditions, immersed in the smells of the Miscano Valley.

Montecalvo Irpino is located on a hill near the river Miscano. The city is divided into two parts, a lower one and a higher one, which make up the city. The second one, which is the most ancient one, is located around the majestic Pignatelli Ducal Castle, next to which you will find the Santa Maria Assunta Collegiate Church, which hosts the wooden simulacrum of “Our Lady of Abundance”. Set against what used to be the walls of the town, you will find the remains of the Santa Caterina Hospital, whereas in the old town centre you will find several aristocratic buildings, such as the Peluso Palace, the Caccese Palace, the Bozzuti Palace and the de Cillis Palace, which includes a beautiful stone portal. At the centre of town there is an Hellenistic sekoma used in the past to measure wheat. Among the most important religious buildings there are the San Gaetano Thiene Church, dating back to the sixteenth century, the Carmine Church, the San Nicola a Corsano Church, an ancient estate where the remains of another castle are still visible, and the San Bartolomeo Church. The Museum House of San Pompilio Maria Pirotti, where the Saint was born, is of high religious interest, as well. You should not miss the ancient area of Trappeto, a suggestive rural path among stone houses and caves carved in sandstone. In Contrada Santo Spirito there remain the traces of a Roman bridge built over the river Miscano, and just over it you can find the volcanic lake known as “Bolle della Malvizza”, which is characterized by the mephitic fumes it exhales. Montecalvo Irpino is also known as the “town of bread” for its characteristic “bread wheels” which are made here with local wheat. Other typical products are the caciocavallo cheese, the Laticauda cheese, the long sausages, the Ravece oil, the Ufita garlic and the small hill tomatoes.





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