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This high mount dominates the valley underneath in all directions, creating highly suggestive panoramas which will amaze you from anywhere you look.

Montaguto takes its name from the natural conformation of the hill on which it is positioned and from where it dominates the Cervaro Valley. The ancient town is characterized by the presence of several fountains, whose waters are clear and abundant. The so-called New Fountain (Fontana Nuova) is particularly beautiful. It is located at the entrance of town and it includes an ancient wash-board. Among the other fountains, the most important ones are the Old Fountain (Fontana Vecchia), the Paolina Fountain, the Preziosa Fountain and finally the Ponte Fountain, which was built along a path leading to the suggestive wood where the Sorgenti Fountain is located. You should also visit the Francalanza Lake, located in Contrada Carchia. On the opposite side from the Fontana Nuova, you will find the so-called Rimembranza Park, which hosts the War Memorial. In the centre of town there is IV Novembre Square, from which two parallel streets depart. These are the main streets of this town, and they lead to the parish church, also called Madonna del Carmine Church, which was restored after the 1980 earthquake. In Municipio Square you will find the ancient building which hosts the Town hall, next to which there is the Iagulli Palace, which hosted an orphanage for several years. The Museum House is very interesting, with its faithful reconstructions of the typical farmer houses. Moreover, in Contrada Casino Piccolo you will be able to see the ancient Taverna Pepe. In Montaguto, salami and cold pork meat have always been among the typical food products of the farming tradition par excellence: here the artisan Soppressata Irpina is one of the major products, and it has the typical squeezed shape.





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