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On the border with the ancient land of Daunia, the Albanian heritage of traditions is still alive, as it has been for centuries in this part of the Cervaro Valley.

Greci, Katundi - the “native village” - according to their traditional language, is the only town in the region Campania which includes an arbëreshë community, an ethnic and linguistic minority which has been living in Italy since the XV century. Located next to the border with the region Apulia, the land of Greci is touched by the river Cervaro, and it is located in a natural context of great beauty. The typical structures of this place are the Halive, from the Albanian word meaning “hut”, which are the typical buildings made with dry stones, and which are mostly present in the Rione Breggo. The Mother Church of this town is dedicated to the Patron, Saint Bartholomew Apostle, and it is characterized by a simple, Oriental-type, architecture, in Romanic style, which was completely modified in the XVII century, when it was changed to fit the requirements of the Latin rite. The Madonna del Caroseno Church is located at the entrance of the town, and it is characterized by the presence of a major altar, dominated by a statue-icon of the Mother of God, called Carusinus, in observance of the indissoluble link with the Greek- Orthodox world. Among the major non religious buildings there are the many palaces inside the town: the Lauda Palace, a historical building dating back to the XVIII century; the De Maio Palace, a building dating back to the 1700’s characterized by the typical stone portal and the central balcony; the Caccese Palace, an aristocratic building dating back to the XIX century which hosts a collection of historical and artistic objects which belonged to Giuseppe Vedovato; finally, the Lusi Palace, which has been hosting the PLEAG Museum since 2009, an archaeological exhibition of relics found in the area from they year 1999. Outside town, you will find the Tre Fontane Farm (Masseria di Tre Fontane), a monument and old post station located on the Camporeale- Foggia tiny Sheep-Track (Tratturello Camporeale-Foggia).





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